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If You Ever Wonder

why I love Nova Scotia, the following 6,000 words should answer the question.

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The Northern Lights

We waited for the aliens — the only explanation that made sense to three small boys on a midsummer’s night. Red and green lights had overwhelmed the sky, slowly descending upon the city, gaining in intensity, at once both beautiful and ominous. Could the spaceships be far behind? Alas, the Martians never landed. But the […]

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Photo Revelations By Mark Laflamme

Dr. Mark Laflamme — my brother in the martial arts (we taught kids’ karate together at the Halifax ISKF) — has just launched a web site for his art photography called Photo Revelations. To kick things off, he’s running a contest and lucky visitors could win one of his gorgeous images. I think you should […]

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From the Mixed Up Files… of Middle-Grade Authors

As I write my mystery novel about one summer in the life of Jacob Jollimore, I’ve been back and forth, trying to decide if it fits more neatly into the category of middle reader, or if I’d be smarter to think of it as a young adult novel, since it does hold a few scenes […]

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May All Be Fed

It’s funny. I learned more about ethics and social justice in a biology class than any dozen religious sermons that I can remember. Most people are surprised to discover — as I did during an undergraduate lecture — that we can take dramatic steps towards feeding the world’s poor, and it has little to do […]

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Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

The military rulers of Myanmar have jailed thousands of people in their continuing efforts to crush all dissenting views. Most prominent of those detained is Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate who has been the beacon of hope and change for nearly two decades in Myanmar, the Southeast Asian nation formerly […]

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The Fundy Coast — My Town Mondays*

The singles’ bar is crowded, the males on the prowl. Amid a romantic mist and saltwater perfume, tails are thrashing and torsos spinning. All the frothing water and raging hormones can only mean one thing: The northern Atlantic right whales will soon mate. Their dance of life continues. This is the Bay of Fundy at […]

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Franklin Grows Up

Editor’s Note: I wrote this some time ago, but since I’ve been so serious lately, it seemed like a good time to resurrect it. Kristina and I both like Franklin, the sweet little turtle who has many adventures, and helps kids understand their world even as he entertains them, that rarest of feats. The delightful […]

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Yours Truly, BP

From the National Resources Defense Council.

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From a terrific column by Salon’s Cary Tennis. No one prescription heals the infinite variety of emotional wounds. Rather, our searing and constant attention on these things seems to work in tandem with unseen currents of mercy flowing among us day and night. Eddies of warm wisdom encounter cold upwellings of unrepentant prejudice and grudge, […]

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