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Flawed Characters and Conflict

One major problem that I face in writing for the late-middle grades is that I’m so far removed from them. I’m not only over the hill, I’m way down the hollow. We don’t have children, and I don’t really remember what it was like to be 12 or 13, although I do remember hating it. […]

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25 Questions With Author Sarah Hina

Sarah Hina • Plum Blossoms in Paris I knew that Sarah Hina and I could be great friends on the day she called me a cocksucker. But I need to back up. I met Sarah online; I know a few members of an online writing circle, and when I decided to finish my young adult […]

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True Blood — The Artwork

Recently, Aerin Bender-Stone was asking about my family and one of my nieces in particular because she currently appears in my Facebook profile picture. I am lucky. I have nine nieces and nephews, and I am immensely proud of each and every one of them. Until fairly recently, I suffered through a long illness and […]

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Plum Blossoms in Paris by Sarah Hina

Sarah Hina and I both went to medical school, both hate the smell of formaldehyde with a passion, and both dreamed of being writers. Sarah is living that dream with the release of Plum Blossoms in Paris, and she’s launching her blog promotion tour today at Travis Erwin’s blog. Sarah is wonderfully talented. You should […]

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The Cape Breton Highlands

For one unforgettable day, I enjoyed the gift of quiet. In the Cape Breton Highlands. It was a timeless day of subtle miracles. Following a narrow forest trail cut by my Acadian ancestors generations before, I was initially overwhelmed by the solitude. But my senses embraced the challenge. Slowly, a delightful change took hold. An […]

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Parsley and Oregano

It really was the wrong thing to say. During one of our trips to the ENT Clinic, a nursing friend of my Mother’s asked me if she had been a good cook in my youth, perhaps knowing that I wrote about food and wine. “Solidly mediocre,” I answered truthfully, right in front of the woman […]

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25 Questions With Author John DeMont

John DeMont • Coal Black Heart John DeMont is just the best guy. That’s not a throw-away line or a pat introduction. It’s what I thought from the first time that I met him. You’d think the same thing. Within minutes, you’d describe John as self-effacing, personable, witty, and quick to laugh. But after you’d […]

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Barrett’s Privateers (Happy Canada Day!)

The late, lamented Stan Rogers gave Maritimers an unofficial national anthem that we all sing with reverence and gusto today, our 143rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Canada! As an aside, one of the men in this video — Dennis Ryan — sang a gorgeous Irish ballad at my mother’s funeral that left nary a dry eye […]

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