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The Neanderthal

In my young adult Work in Progress (WIP), 13-year-old Jacob Jollimore is trying to make it through a summer filled with adversity, but things go from bad to horrible when a bully chases him and he knocks down a 72-year woman from Vietnam, breaking her arm and sending her to the hospital. The role of […]

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Groucho Marx to the Rescue

We’re having a lousy week. It continues to be one thing after another. So we’re looking for small things to brighten our moments, here and there. After all, it’s the little things that make or break a life. But even the little things aren’t cooperating. Just today, I rushed out to grab the Croissant of […]

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Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island

In a sometimes forgotten nation, it’s fitting that a humble farmhouse in Cavendish — a hamlet of 94 people — inspires pilgrimages. Green Gables is a modest dwelling treasured throughout much of the world, thanks to author Lucy Maud Montgomery’s stories. The Prince Edward Island native fashioned her intimate knowledge of this loving home, owned […]

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Goldberg Desktop Variations

Kristina and I work really hard, and spend about 14 hours a day in front of our Macintosh computers. I hate a boring desktop, so we try to make ours distinctive. Here are three recent examples from my iMac G5. I like mine, but Kristina’s are eye candy. I’ll run a few of hers sometime […]

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Writers Helping Writers: Merry Monteleone

I don’t know writer Merry Monteleone well, other than to say that she’s a smart, strong woman and we share some loyal friends. Her home in Illinois was recently flooded, and suffered a great deal of damage. Merry and her family — including three children in middle school and younger — are working tirelessly to […]

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