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Drinking Stars — The Story of Champagne

Like so many good stories, it begins with a myth. Champagne, the world’s most famous and expensive sparkling wine, is purported to have been discovered by Dom Perignon. The legendary blind 17th century Benedictine monk was cellarmaster at Hautvillers in France when he made a startling discovery. “Come quickly my brothers!” Dom Perignon is said […]

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The Myths of Christmas, Part II

The big day is drawing nigh. Christianity’s happiest celebration, and the second most important day on the Christian calendar. But Christmas wasn’t always so cherished. For three hundred years after the birth of Christ, Jesus’ humble beginnings weren’t even observed. It wasn’t considered important, not by Paul, nor any of the Gospel writers, or early […]

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The Myths of Christmas, Part I*

Everyone knows the story. That baby Jesus was born in a manger, surrounded by oxen and donkeys, to humble parents named Mary and Joseph. Shepherds came to pay homage, heavenly hosts sang like the Mormon Tablernacle Choir, and three wise men came from afar bearing kingly gifts. But is all of that true, or is […]

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