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Winter in Nova Scotia

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Mental Health Break — Bees

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The Psychology of Pain

The worst thing about living with chronic pain for 20 years is that it strips away everything that matters, everything that gives meaning to life. Pain is a funny thing. For caregivers, spouses and friends, it quickly gets old. But for the victim, it’s eternally new and unrelenting. You start losing little bits and pieces […]

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Author Silver Donald Cameron — 25 Questions

I remember the first time I met Silver Donald Cameron because I was scared to death. I had no good reason to be, really. Canadian authors, as a group, have always impressed me with their warmth and kindness. But as a novice feature writer at The Daily News, I felt pressure when writing about such […]

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This is going to be a funny story, so bear with me. It doesn’t begin well. I developed daily migraines in 1993 and the newspaper where I worked fired me when I requested medical leave. Nice. About three years after that, the pain growing worse with each passing month, I was in trouble. I was […]

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By The Numbers: Literary Agent Query Stats

Tell someone that you’re an aspiring author, and that you’ve written a book, and they immediately want to know when they can buy it. When you explain that it’s not quite that simple, and then chronicle the convoluted steps that take one from creation to hardcover, they’re shocked. Their look suggests you’d have a better […]

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Michael Caine Does Michael Caine

In reference to a previous post about Michael Caine impersonations, with a hat tip to Kotke.

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The Query

How could I not be thrilled? Four years ago, I was in the fourteenth year of daily migraines, knowing that my ability to endure was slowing slipping away. I was hanging from a cliff, fingers raw and bloody, strength in my arms failing. Now I’m trying to finish something that excites me beyond belief. In […]

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One More River to Cross

I wonder if it’s true, or just wishful thinking. I think martial arts give you a deep awareness of your body, so I’ve known for some time how this puzzle would fit together. But I still wasn’t ready. I’ve written about my health problems at length. Fortunately, I have a new endocrinologist who takes my […]

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Where’s Waldo Richard?

Tumultuous. No other word can better describe the last few months. It’s the reason these pages have been so barren. I worked on a few projects in September and October that kept me from finishing my work-in-progress (WIP) on schedule so, when Halloween drew nigh, I was thrilled to flex my creative writing muscles again. […]

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