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Testing One… Two… Three

It’s been one hell of a fortnight. When we closed the last chapter on our continuing saga, I had just offered my body to science as part of an experimental drug trial to fight the rare neuro-endocrine tumor that’s taken up permanent residence in my skull. I’ve been totally miserable since. You know how Rocky […]

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Aurora Borealis

The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo. Via Terje Sorgjerd.

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On the Ferry to Halifax

On a lovely spring day. And Theodore Tugboat, too!

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Overture, Curtains, Lights!

So, it’s show time. I spent the morning at the hospital ensuring that my informed consent is truly informed, and then I signed on the dotted line. If I pass the screening test in two weeks — and, just so you know, I’m really good at tests — I’ll officially participate in “an open label, […]

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A Book Meme

The book I am reading: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. To be honest, I simply don’t love the series like most readers. I don’t find the writing is compelling enough to make me believe in this future (unlike Ship Breakers by Paolo Bacigalupi, which is also about a broken world, and which felt frighteningly real). My […]

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Authors and Websites

Last December, I was desperate for good news, so I sent my manuscript out to literary agents before it was ready. It was a rookie mistake, and I’m still kicking myself because I knew better. I had done my homework. I should have sat on it for a month, to allow my critical eye one […]

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And then the other shoe dropped. Okey dokey, so I received an updated clinical trial consent form, and I don’t have to very read far before I notice a big difference in how I’ll be handled during this experimental treatment to control a rare neuro-endocrine tumor. ECG tests have been added to every hospital appointment, […]

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A day late, but the message is relevant all year round. For our mothers, our wives, our daughters. Via Kim Covert.

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Wine Tasting 101

Serious wine tasting begins with a leap of faith. If you’d rather remain a vinous agnostic, stop reading now, and you’ll save some money, and probably be a little less cool. But honestly, I hope that you’ll stay, for I believe that becoming a good wine taster is an important skill in life. It’s important […]

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318 Words

The second chapter of my WIP, which carries the working title Tiger begins like so. The rooster crowed a second time, and the shrillness penetrated Galen’s unconscious, interrupting a deep, chaotic dream. He had been lost in Middle-Earth, frantically searching for Gandalf the Grey, but all roads were leading to Helm’s Deep, and the men […]

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