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Ode to the Fiddlehead

Life is so often about the small victories that allow us to light the darkness for a few hours and celebrate life. Oddly enough — though people who don’t like the cold will think that I’m a few chords short of a sonata — I sometimes feel sorry for friends who live in warm places, […]

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The Wool Jumper

I grew up in a family of seven kids, just one from the shallow end, so I always knew — and loved — a frantic life. Especially in the early days, when we had a three bedroom flat in a Halifax blue-collar neighborhood. And just to make it interesting, we always had an uncle, aunt, […]

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Fifteen Things

To help celebrate my birthday, I’ve decided to launch my first-ever blog giveaway. In this post, I’ll tell you 15 things about myself, but FOUR of them are false in some way. Be the first to guess accurately in the comments, and you’ll win a $25 Gift Certificate to the iTunes Canadian store (which you […]

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Mayday, May Day

If you suffer, you know the adage well. The best thing about a migraine is that it won’t kill you. Of course, the worst thing about a migraine is that it won’t kill you. If you’ve never lived through one, you can’t really know. Honestly. I can tell you about accidents that left me with […]

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