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Words to Live By

Words matter. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that I love our language — the way words sound, the nuances and shades of meaning, the incredible choices available to all of us. The English language is mellifluous and beautiful, with so many virtues that I could scarcely name them all. It’s flexible and adaptable, but […]

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Is This Microphone On?

The intrepid Peter Dudley — a man among men which, interestingly, makes him a man among many women — asked writing friends to post audio or video clips that show us reading recent work. (I may not have done this properly, but I don’t fraking care! It’s been a rough month. :-) Making a recording […]

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The Meaning of Hope

Hope. I banished the word from my lexicon more than two decades ago. With an illness as long and as intractable as the one I have endured, it was just too painful and dangerous for me to throw my faith behind any one person or any new therapy. Much better to stay grounded, to live […]

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Good News and Bad News

The first step in overcoming a problem is admitting that you have one. Normally, I don’t have much difficulty facing reality, but this truth is staring me in the face, and I keep looking away. I need to work on my poker face. Maybe I should ease you into it, and write a little about […]

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