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Christmas Memories

I grew up in a happy home, and the Christmases of my youth have crystallized into memories now held near and dear. Memories that can still keep me warm on cold winter nights. My Mother was a devout Catholic, so the holidays were, first and foremost, a spiritual season filled with prayer and solemnity. My […]

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My iMac screen used to look like this: Now it looks like this:

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Lamentations IV

By any measure, it’s been a difficult week. I’ve found it impossible to write, and this is the best smile I could conjure. I hope to do better in the coming days.

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Voting: The Jolly Postman Literary Address Contest

It’s been an incredibly difficult week, so it’s time for some fun! Let the bells ring out and the banners fly! Voting is now open for The Jolly Postman Literary Address Contest! I found a great deal to like in each entry, so I’m glad that picking a winner is your job, not mine. The favorite […]

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Ninety-four years ago, Halifax was a major shipping port in the British war effort. Ships from Canada and the US would steam into Halifax every week, in advance of an Atlantic convoy. The ships would find the world’s second deepest harbour snug, cozy, and crowded, and their sailors would find a few day’s entertainment on […]

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