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This is Halls Harbor, about 90 minutes from Halifax. The Bay of Fundy* is home to the world highest tides, and it’s rough and ready, a place that makes you feel humble. Halls Harbour is strongly being affected by climate change, and huge chunks of the coastline are falling into the sea. ____________________ The link […]

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Eyes Wide Open

I have a few quirks. About 15 years ago, I pulverized a bone in my hand in a testosterone-rich karate accident, and it could only be repaired through plastic surgery. Since anesthetic and I aren’t natural dancing partners, I convinced the anesthesiologist to administer a local that would only deaden my arm. A side benefit […]

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So, it turns out that I am not above fear after all. In any event, I hope you will find this little story amusing. I’ve become so blasé about my pituitary adenoma that I went to Wednesday’s doctor’s appointment to get a hormone injection and a few refills and completely forgot about the main event. […]

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Anthem for My Little Sister

I can tell you exactly how it feels. I’m capable of enduring almost any level of physical and emotional pain. But when someone I love is hurting, that pain is transformed into something epic and primal; a meat hook that suspends me from my sternum. The greatest fear in my life has come to pass, […]

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Rise Again

A song by the late and dearly-missed Stan Rogers. As it filled the office today, I tried to take the message to heart. Rise again, rise again — though your heart it be broken And life about to end No matter what you’ve lost, be it a home, a love, a friend. Like the Mary […]

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