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End Game

I am a patient man, but I wish I had a heavy bag to punch. I’ve grown tired of waiting. Wall-E, the little neuroendocrine tumor, has overstayed his welcome. Cheeky little devil. So, here’s how the Battle Royal of my life will play out. I’ve been lead to believe that my surgery will occur any […]

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Fire It Up

Sometimes I feel sorry for Americans who never get to listen to the Canadian music I hear every day. Johnny Reid The music video is here.

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Light a Candle

You’ve seen the Hollywood propaganda a dozen times. The intrepid hero is caught by the bad guys, tied and stripped, revealing a knotted chest and bulging biceps. He remains defiant, but then the sadistic torturer arrives, eyes gleaming with cruel delight. The camera cuts, but we hear sickening thuds, blood-curdling screams, and the brutal grind […]

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