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Top 10 Reasons to Think You Might Have Diabetes Insipidus

10. You don’t bother putting the toilet seat down after peeing because you’re certain you’ll be the next person using it. 9. You fill up a blue bag with recyclables from the backseat of your car. 8. You plan every trip by noting the destination’s access to clean public washrooms. If there isn’t a place […]

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21 Days in April

It’s frightfully amusing to watch people checking me out — and by that, I mean the folks who know that I’ve just had major neurosurgery to remove a huge pituitary tumor. They invariably search my face for scars, for swollen bits, for black eyes. Anything that might suggest trauma. Yet I look just the same […]

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A few hours after my operation, I wept. Yes, I was a simmering kettle of emotion. My neurosurgeon had recently informed me that my pituitary adenoma was massive, much bigger than expected, but he quickly added that the operation had gone well, so I was relieved. A few minutes later, I looked upon the faces […]

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The Feasts of Lesser Men

Stephen Parrish‘s The Feasts of Lesser Men is a spy novel based on the author’s real life experiences with the 8th Infantry Division (Mechanized) in Germany during the Cold War’s dark and dirty days. For most of this week, you can download it for free. You don’t need a Kindle to read it; Amazon offers […]

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Writers For Richard

Three lovely friends — Wendy Russ, Stephen Parrish, and J.A. Zobair — have been running a wonderful fundraiser to help me manage the next two months of my recovery without having to worry about making rent or purchasing costly medications. Their efforts have touched me more than I can say, and I’m usually quite good […]

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Show Time

Keep a good thought for me as I head to surgery today. Kristina and a few friends might provide updates on social media when there’s something to say. I’ll be fine. I’ll see you on the other side. Slainte!

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The Nick Pick Solution

One of my young work colleagues, Nick Pick, has discovered the beauty of martial arts. In between calls, he’s full of questions and brimming with enthusiasm, so I occasionally teach him a few moves from Shotokan karate to help focus his mind, and drain some excess energy. Since I’m not likely to see him — […]

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