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Author Jennifer Zobair Answers 25 Questions

I want to tell you about Jennifer Zobair, the author of Painted Hands, but first I’d like to talk about Andika. Andika was a student in the kid’s karate class at that I taught at the University of King’s College ISKF for a decade. His parents were Muslims from Indonesia, and always treated me with […]

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Painted Hands — Book Review

Can I admit that I was dubious? I read the first chapter of Painted Hands with skepticism fully engaged. Second chapter, too. But somewhere around the third or fourth chapters, Jennifer Zobair’s Painted Hands transformed my doubt into something akin to astonishment. I was reading a book about attractive, accomplished women juggling careers and families […]

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Bound for the University of King’s College

EDITOR’S NOTE: I was recently accepted to the Master of Fine Arts in creative nonfiction program at King’s. This is the essay I submitted with my application. If the fates are kind, I’ll have another degree and a nonfiction book in two years. In 1990, King’s College President Dr. Marion Fry presented me with the […]

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Maritime Magazine: In His Head

I am so far behind on things that I never posted a link to a radio documentary called In His Head on CBC’s Maritime Magazine. You see, it’s all about me. We all get headaches from time to time, but for most of us, it’s an issue that goes away with a couple of aspirin […]

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