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Author Joanne Lessner Answers 25 Questions

Our friendship was cemented over a great bottle of wine. Which is a preposterous statement, when you think of it, because we haven’t met in the real world, and I no longer drink. Nevertheless, it’s still true. When I read the premise behind Pandora’s Bottle, Joanne Lessner’s first novel, I was certain that we’d get […]

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Author Alissa Grosso Answers 25 Questions

I dare anyone NOT to like author Alissa Grosso. In fact, I double dare you. It is just not possible. Admittedly, we don’t know each other in the real world, so I’m wondering if my online friends see her in the same way that I do — as someone who is exceedingly kind, open and […]

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Authors and Websites

Last December, I was desperate for good news, so I sent my manuscript out to literary agents before it was ready. It was a rookie mistake, and I’m still kicking myself because I knew better. I had done my homework. I should have sat on it for a month, to allow my critical eye one […]

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A Creative Family

One reason I’d like to land a book contract doesn’t apply to many other writers: I want to work with my family. In particular, I have a niece, Tara, who is a New York City art director, and a nephew, Jason, who is a film and video director. They’d help me publicize my work because […]

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Authors, Promotion, Branding, and Websites

As a writer, I’m lucky because I’ve also spent time in the web design community, so I know just how important a website is in creating a brand, an identity. Writers who have agents, and writers who expect they’ll be able to land an agent, need to start thinking about it now. I’ve been running […]

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The Starving Artist

I had a busy weekend, and finished the sixth revision of my work-in-progress, The Secrets of the Hotel Maisonneuve. With good reason. This morning, I submitted my complete manuscript to three literary agents, bringing the number of agents who have read — or are reading — the middle-grade adventures of Jacob Jollimore to six. I […]

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Dark and Stormy Night — A First Line Contest

Brenda Drake is running a best first line contest that features some pretty cool prizes. What you ask? Weronika Janczuk (pronouned Veronica) from D4EO Literary Agency will be offering critiques in the following denominations. Prizes from Weronika: 1st place — a critique of the first 50 pages + query 2nd place — a critique of […]

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By The Numbers: Literary Agent Query Stats

Tell someone that you’re an aspiring author, and that you’ve written a book, and they immediately want to know when they can buy it. When you explain that it’s not quite that simple, and then chronicle the convoluted steps that take one from creation to hardcover, they’re shocked. Their look suggests you’d have a better […]

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25 Questions With Author Jody Hedlund

Jody Hedlund • The Preacher’s Bride My mind can best be likened to a sieve, so I don’t remember what first brought me to Jody Hedlund’s website. But I do remember, after reading a few blog posts and a few of her comments to readers, that I liked her immediately. The quality I value most […]

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Author Web Sites and Promotion — A New Series

This website and blog is — by its very presence — audacious. I get that. When I launched, I was still four months away from finishing my first draft of a middle reader. So I’m not an author. In fact, I only plan to start submitting my work — a middle-reader mystery — to […]

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