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Fire It Up

Sometimes I feel sorry for Americans who never get to listen to the Canadian music I hear every day. Johnny Reid The music video is here.

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Author Niki Jabbour Answers 25 Questions

I’m not sure why it’s always been there, but I have a soft, quiet spot in my heart for gardeners. And lately, for this gardener in particular. We’re friends. But, surprisingly, Niki Jabbour and I have never met. Niki and I both wrote for The Halifax Daily News in the 1990s, where I was a […]

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Ninety-four years ago, Halifax was a major shipping port in the British war effort. Ships from Canada and the US would steam into Halifax every week, in advance of an Atlantic convoy. The ships would find the world’s second deepest harbour snug, cozy, and crowded, and their sailors would find a few day’s entertainment on […]

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Within My Pounding Heart

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Author Chris Benjamin Answers 25 Questions

Even though he’s much younger, I want to be like Chris Benjamin when I grow up. He’s the respected Sustainable City columnist at The Coast, Halifax’s progressive weekly, and I delight in watching him skewer the ecologically inept even as he finds the heart of the matter in issues that are pressing for the planet and […]

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Harper Conservatives, Global Warming, and Muzzled Scientists

Last October, Canada’s government scientists launched the Public Science website to tell people about important scientific issues — like global warming and the cancellation of the long-form census — because the current Conservative government under Stephen Harper has muzzled informed debate. By refusing to consider scientific evidence in making policy, Canada is out-of-step with most […]

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Stephen Harper’s Greatest Hits

Canadian polls consistently show that Canadians believe that Stephen Harper is a strong leader. Based on what? The fact that he’s always on message, and he managed to reduce the GST by two cents, when most economists were suggesting it was a very bad idea? Our policy in Afghanistan? His promise to spend $10+ billion on new jails? […]

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25 Questions with Author Catherine McKenzie

Author Catherine McKenzie Catherine McKenzie was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. A graduate of McGill University (B.A. ‘95 in History (Hons)) and McGill Law School (BCL & LLB ‘99), Catherine practices law in Montreal. Her first novel, Spin, was published by HarperCollins Canada in January, 2010. It debuted at #15 on the Globe & […]

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Aurora Borealis

The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo. Via Terje Sorgjerd.

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And Then It Goes Back

I woke up thinking about Haiti and how we need to fight to feed the world. More than a year has passed since the earthquake, and so little has changed.

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