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Light a Candle

You’ve seen the Hollywood propaganda a dozen times. The intrepid hero is caught by the bad guys, tied and stripped, revealing a knotted chest and bulging biceps. He remains defiant, but then the sadistic torturer arrives, eyes gleaming with cruel delight. The camera cuts, but we hear sickening thuds, blood-curdling screams, and the brutal grind […]

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A day late, but the message is relevant all year round. For our mothers, our wives, our daughters. Via Kim Covert.

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The Global Warming Denial Machine

Let’s begin with the preliminaries. The first is that global warming isn’t a scientific theory, it’s a scientific fact. The time for debate has ended. We can still argue over tipping points and the minutia — like when the arctic will become ice free during the summer months, or how much world sea levels will […]

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Teaching Evolution Badly in American Classrooms

When it comes to scientific fact versus scientific theory, many people are confused. Occasionally, the terms can be applied to the same principle. Evolution is both a theory and a fact. Over the last few centuries, the evidence supporting evolution as the mechanism for the origin of species has become so overwhelming and so incontrovertible […]

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And Then It Goes Back

I woke up thinking about Haiti and how we need to fight to feed the world. More than a year has passed since the earthquake, and so little has changed.

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A Difference of Opinion

Soon after I started blogging, another writer told me that she didn’t want me to read or comment on her site ever again. It’s almost amusing that I could inspire such animosity because for the larger part of my life, I wouldn’t say shit if my mouth was full of it. I walked very softly, […]

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May All Be Fed

It’s funny. I learned more about ethics and social justice in a biology class than any dozen religious sermons that I can remember. Most people are surprised to discover — as I did during an undergraduate lecture — that we can take dramatic steps towards feeding the world’s poor, and it has little to do […]

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