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Top 10 Reasons to Think You Might Have Diabetes Insipidus

10. You don’t bother putting the toilet seat down after peeing because you’re certain you’ll be the next person using it. 9. You fill up a blue bag with recyclables from the backseat of your car. 8. You plan every trip by noting the destination’s access to clean public washrooms. If there isn’t a place […]

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Rat Race

We spent three years in Lunenburg licking our wounds after my mother passed away. It’s a lovely seafaring town that is home to 2,400 souls, even when soaking wet. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a subtle choice at that. Filled with Victorian homes of uncommon charm, each streetscape seems plucked from a […]

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It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night

I don’t know about you, but I could use a laugh. Enjoy a little Peter Sellers, my friends.

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Even Christian Charity Has Limits

I had a wonderful childhood, growing up happy in a big family that lived life in technicolor. Our anchor was Connie, our mother, who somehow managed to find time for each of us, especially when we needed her most. She may have been many things, but she was born to be a mother. Her later […]

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Kids Say the Darndest Things

I have a nephew who is considered a genius. He taught himself to read at age two, carried a huge book on ornithology* around with him — everywhere — when he was three and four, and memorized every basketball statistic worth knowing before graduating from grade one. But not everything came so easily. His socialization […]

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The Wool Jumper

I grew up in a family of seven kids, just one from the shallow end, so I always knew — and loved — a frantic life. Especially in the early days, when we had a three bedroom flat in a Halifax blue-collar neighborhood. And just to make it interesting, we always had an uncle, aunt, […]

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Tasting Notes: Red Bull 2011 (Red Bull GmbH)

Red Bull 2011 (Red Bull GmbH) Pale, yellowish hue, tinged with brown. Nose hints at badly over-ripened fruit. On the palate, it assaults with an overpowering sweetness with distinctly chemical notes. Cloyingly fruity, with hints of artificial cherry and pineapple, and a veneer of vanilla — but not French oak vanilla from proper aging. A […]

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The Personal Ad

I once took out a personal ad, trying to find a woman who worked at a Halifax bookstore in the mid-1990s. You see, when I had finally worked up the nerve to ask her out — after special ordering a half-dozen Patrick O’Brian books so I could see her on multiple occasions — she had […]

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Mental Health Break — Furry Happy Monsters

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Mental Health Break — Bees

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