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Bound for the University of King’s College

EDITOR’S NOTE: I was recently accepted to the Master of Fine Arts in creative nonfiction program at King’s. This is the essay I submitted with my application. If the fates are kind, I’ll have another degree and a nonfiction book in two years. In 1990, King’s College President Dr. Marion Fry presented me with the […]

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Maritime Magazine: In His Head

I am so far behind on things that I never posted a link to a radio documentary called In His Head on CBC’s Maritime Magazine. You see, it’s all about me. We all get headaches from time to time, but for most of us, it’s an issue that goes away with a couple of aspirin […]

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Five Funerals and a Wedding

Funerals Some dates are etched by memory. For many, it’s a shared experience. I remember exactly what I was doing when Challenger exploded. When the Twin Towers fell. When Canada beat the Soviets in the final hockey game of the Summit Series in 1972. But sometimes, the experience is singular. This one happened to me […]

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Book Faeries

Her name was Bethany. I think we were destined to meet. After my mother died — I had been Connie’s caregiver for 13 years – we were living hand-to-mouth. I was debilitated by daily migraines, and largely unable to work, so we could not afford a city rent. We packed our bags for a small […]

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Six Months



Independence is easy. Anyone can walk through this world alone, without a care, unconcerned with the suffering of others, only looking out for number one. In a world where no one matters, it’s so easy to be selfish, so easy to be callous. So easy to ignore the obvious. So easy to turn away from […]

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Ob La Di

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Circumstances being what they were, I didn’t see my baby sister in person until Canada Day. Almost seven months after we’d last held hands and cried together. I knew immediately that her life was measured in weeks and days and hours and minutes. And I was pissed at the cancer clinic in Arizona that took […]

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It ended peacefully, the room as soft as a eiderdown. My little sister, Marilou Levangie, left this world a week ago Monday, as the love of her life held her right hand, and her nearest sibling held her left, each telling her that it was okay to let go. “Batman and Robin, together again,” Brian […]

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I was with her this morning, holding her hand when she joined me, lucid for a few moments. She started crying. I have so much pain, she said. I’ll call the nurse, and she’ll give you something to take the pain away. I am so afraid, she said. It’s okay, sweetheart. Give your fears to […]