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Her name was Bethany. I think we were destined to meet. After my mother died — I had been Connie’s caregiver for 13 years – we were living hand-to-mouth. I was debilitated by daily migraines, and largely unable to work, so we could not afford a city rent. We packed our bags for a small […]

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On My Desktop

Sometimes, ocean colors feel deeper, more intense in winter. I love the dichotomy I find there, amazed that a place which brings such peace to my world could also make me feel so small and insignificant. Every sense engages as the Atlantic swirls, and the saltwater perfume lingers long after the day is done. Life […]

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Author Niki Jabbour Answers 25 Questions

I’m not sure why it’s always been there, but I have a soft, quiet spot in my heart for gardeners. And lately, for this gardener in particular. We’re friends. But, surprisingly, Niki Jabbour and I have never met. Niki and I both wrote for The Halifax Daily News in the 1990s, where I was a […]

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My Most Memorable Super Bowl

Super Bowl XIX was my most memorable football championship. The game was played at Stanford Stadium on January 20, 1985 and pitted Joe Montana’s San Francisco 49ers against Dan Marino’s Miami Dolphins. I actually followed American football back then, so I had no doubt that the 49ers would prevail. Montana was just that good. It […]

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This is Halls Harbor, about 90 minutes from Halifax. The Bay of Fundy* is home to the world highest tides, and it’s rough and ready, a place that makes you feel humble. Halls Harbour is strongly being affected by climate change, and huge chunks of the coastline are falling into the sea. ____________________ The link […]

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Ninety-four years ago, Halifax was a major shipping port in the British war effort. Ships from Canada and the US would steam into Halifax every week, in advance of an Atlantic convoy. The ships would find the world’s second deepest harbour snug, cozy, and crowded, and their sailors would find a few day’s entertainment on […]

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The Giving and Taking

“The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.” Emerson believed that, but most Nova Scotians would disagree. Here, all life begins and ends with the sea. But our relationship is uneasy. The North Atlantic gives and takes. The rough seas that delight sailors and windsurfers in summer — raised a notch in winter — […]

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Rat Race

We spent three years in Lunenburg licking our wounds after my mother passed away. It’s a lovely seafaring town that is home to 2,400 souls, even when soaking wet. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a subtle choice at that. Filled with Victorian homes of uncommon charm, each streetscape seems plucked from a […]

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Author Chris Benjamin Answers 25 Questions

Even though he’s much younger, I want to be like Chris Benjamin when I grow up. He’s the respected Sustainable City columnist at The Coast, Halifax’s progressive weekly, and I delight in watching him skewer the ecologically inept even as he finds the heart of the matter in issues that are pressing for the planet and […]

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Skimming the Sea

A warm summer day, and we didn’t want to spend all of it indoors, so we walked along Conrad’s Beach about 10 minutes from our home. Alas, my camera’s batteries died after just a few photos. I really want to do this. Especially in such shallow waters. Other photo essays: Beachcombing || Winter || February […]

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