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Sarah and Agricola

This stop-motion animation music video was created by my nephew, Jason Levangie, working with Sydney Smith (who illustrated Kate Inglis’s The Dread Crew) for Gypsophilia. Such talented lads! I hope they are chuffed.

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Susan Hudson at Peer Gallery

The quality of light in Nova Scotia can amaze and inspire. Somehow, colors are deeper, richer here. On some days, you wish you could drink them in. One of the best things about living in such a pristine area is that artists and artisans come to visit, and decide to stay. I believe that most […]

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Beachcombing in Nova Scotia

The boardwalk protects the nests of the protected piping plover It was early evening, and overcast, so we had the beach to ourselves until we met a woman from the endocrinology clinic. Nova Scotia is such a small place! Another beach sits right around this bend We found this beach, quite by accident, on NY’s […]

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Ode to the Fiddlehead

Life is so often about the small victories that allow us to light the darkness for a few hours and celebrate life. Oddly enough — though people who don’t like the cold will think that I’m a few chords short of a sonata — I sometimes feel sorry for friends who live in warm places, […]

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On the Ferry to Halifax

On a lovely spring day. And Theodore Tugboat, too!

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Nova Scotia in February

We wanted to breathe in some negative ions. The day was cold, and golden, and beautiful.

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The Starving Artist

I had a busy weekend, and finished the sixth revision of my work-in-progress, The Secrets of the Hotel Maisonneuve. With good reason. This morning, I submitted my complete manuscript to three literary agents, bringing the number of agents who have read — or are reading — the middle-grade adventures of Jacob Jollimore to six. I […]

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Sunday Morning Visitor

When we moved to Lunenburg, Kristina and I unexpectedly became bird watchers. We couldn’t help ourselves. We would travel the byways on weekend, sniffing the coast, exploring the nooks and crannies of the Atlantic. With more than 8,000 kilometers of undulating shoreline, we never fell short of places to see. At first, we didn’t notice […]

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Winter in Nova Scotia

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The Cape Breton Highlands

For one unforgettable day, I enjoyed the gift of quiet. In the Cape Breton Highlands. It was a timeless day of subtle miracles. Following a narrow forest trail cut by my Acadian ancestors generations before, I was initially overwhelmed by the solitude. But my senses embraced the challenge. Slowly, a delightful change took hold. An […]

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