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Bound for the University of King’s College

EDITOR’S NOTE: I was recently accepted to the Master of Fine Arts in creative nonfiction program at King’s. This is the essay I submitted with my application. If the fates are kind, I’ll have another degree and a nonfiction book in two years. In 1990, King’s College President Dr. Marion Fry presented me with the […]

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High Five, America

Please don’t let us down.


Light a Candle

You’ve seen the Hollywood propaganda a dozen times. The intrepid hero is caught by the bad guys, tied and stripped, revealing a knotted chest and bulging biceps. He remains defiant, but then the sadistic torturer arrives, eyes gleaming with cruel delight. The camera cuts, but we hear sickening thuds, blood-curdling screams, and the brutal grind […]

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I stand with my American brothers and sisters — and my American wife and her family — as we all remember the horrors of 9/11, and the sacrifice of the valiant in New York City, Washington and Pennsylvania. I will also remember the many who died in the wars that followed, and keenly feel the […]

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Harper Conservatives, Global Warming, and Muzzled Scientists

Last October, Canada’s government scientists launched the Public Science website to tell people about important scientific issues — like global warming and the cancellation of the long-form census — because the current Conservative government under Stephen Harper has muzzled informed debate. By refusing to consider scientific evidence in making policy, Canada is out-of-step with most […]

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Stephen Harper’s Greatest Hits

Canadian polls consistently show that Canadians believe that Stephen Harper is a strong leader. Based on what? The fact that he’s always on message, and he managed to reduce the GST by two cents, when most economists were suggesting it was a very bad idea? Our policy in Afghanistan? His promise to spend $10+ billion on new jails? […]

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A day late, but the message is relevant all year round. For our mothers, our wives, our daughters. Via Kim Covert.

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The Starving Artist

I had a busy weekend, and finished the sixth revision of my work-in-progress, The Secrets of the Hotel Maisonneuve. With good reason. This morning, I submitted my complete manuscript to three literary agents, bringing the number of agents who have read — or are reading — the middle-grade adventures of Jacob Jollimore to six. I […]

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And Then It Goes Back

I woke up thinking about Haiti and how we need to fight to feed the world. More than a year has passed since the earthquake, and so little has changed.

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The Psychology of Pain

The worst thing about living with chronic pain for 20 years is that it strips away everything that matters, everything that gives meaning to life. Pain is a funny thing. For caregivers, spouses and friends, it quickly gets old. But for the victim, it’s eternally new and unrelenting. You start losing little bits and pieces […]

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