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Flight of the Griffons — by Kate Inglis

Kate Inglis has destroyed my street credibility in the rough and tumble Dartmouth neighborhood where I live. Three times in the last fortnight, while waiting for the bus to whisk me away to my writing residency at the University of King’s College’s MFA in creative nonfiction program, Flight of the Griffons made me cry. That’s […]

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Author Jennifer Zobair Answers 25 Questions

I want to tell you about Jennifer Zobair, the author of Painted Hands, but first I’d like to talk about Andika. Andika was a student in the kid’s karate class at that I taught at the University of King’s College ISKF for a decade. His parents were Muslims from Indonesia, and always treated me with […]

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Bound for the University of King’s College

EDITOR’S NOTE: I was recently accepted to the Master of Fine Arts in creative nonfiction program at King’s. This is the essay I submitted with my application. If the fates are kind, I’ll have another degree and a nonfiction book in two years. In 1990, King’s College President Dr. Marion Fry presented me with the […]

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Steve Jobs – A Legacy of Storytelling

Artists are our storytellers. Since our ancestors’ earliest days, we’ve told stories about our dreams, our heroes and villains, our struggles. About how we live and how we die. If we are to find peace and understand our commonalities, we must have stories. Over the last 25 years, creation has been reborn and democratized by […]

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Author Alissa Grosso Answers 25 Questions

I dare anyone NOT to like author Alissa Grosso. In fact, I double dare you. It is just not possible. Admittedly, we don’t know each other in the real world, so I’m wondering if my online friends see her in the same way that I do — as someone who is exceedingly kind, open and […]

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Authors and Websites

Last December, I was desperate for good news, so I sent my manuscript out to literary agents before it was ready. It was a rookie mistake, and I’m still kicking myself because I knew better. I had done my homework. I should have sat on it for a month, to allow my critical eye one […]

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Authors, Promotion, Branding, and Websites

As a writer, I’m lucky because I’ve also spent time in the web design community, so I know just how important a website is in creating a brand, an identity. Writers who have agents, and writers who expect they’ll be able to land an agent, need to start thinking about it now. I’ve been running […]

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The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Would we be friends in the real world? It’s an interesting question. I value my online friendship with author Tracy Clark because she’s warm, witty and vivacious. If you spend even a few minutes enjoying her online company, you’ll be be smitten. But I expect we see the world differently. As a climate change activist, […]

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By The Numbers: Literary Agent Query Stats

Tell someone that you’re an aspiring author, and that you’ve written a book, and they immediately want to know when they can buy it. When you explain that it’s not quite that simple, and then chronicle the convoluted steps that take one from creation to hardcover, they’re shocked. Their look suggests you’d have a better […]

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25 Questions With Author Jody Hedlund

Jody Hedlund • The Preacher’s Bride My mind can best be likened to a sieve, so I don’t remember what first brought me to Jody Hedlund’s website. But I do remember, after reading a few blog posts and a few of her comments to readers, that I liked her immediately. The quality I value most […]

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