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Rise Again

A song by the late and dearly-missed Stan Rogers. As it filled the office today, I tried to take the message to heart. Rise again, rise again — though your heart it be broken And life about to end No matter what you’ve lost, be it a home, a love, a friend. Like the Mary […]

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My iMac screen used to look like this: Now it looks like this:

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A Hallowe’en Memory

Culled from my late, lamented blog where I tried to flex some old writing skills, long rusty from lack of use. It already has a caption. During a quick Hallowe’en dinner — gourmet pizza from Salvatore’s — Kristina distilled this memory to its essence, while telling my sister and her husband about our day. She […]


318 Words

The second chapter of my WIP, which carries the working title Tiger begins like so. The rooster crowed a second time, and the shrillness penetrated Galen’s unconscious, interrupting a deep, chaotic dream. He had been lost in Middle-Earth, frantically searching for Gandalf the Grey, but all roads were leading to Helm’s Deep, and the men […]

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Frazil Ice at Yosemite

Your mental health break for March 1st. I love this video.



The longest journey begins with a single step. This is my first step towards becoming a published author, and it feels audacious and pretentious. I haven’t even finished my first manuscript, so you will be forgiven for wondering why I would build this little cathedral to my work. It’s simple, really. The publishing industry is changing, […]

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